British Literature II Anthology

Romantic Era to the Twentieth Century and Beyond

by Bonnie J. Robinson

Featuring 37 authors and full texts of their works, the selections in this open anthology represent the literature developed within and developing through their respective eras. This completely-open anthology will connect students to the conversation of literature that has captivated readers in the past and still holds us now.


  • Contextualizing introductions to the Romantic era; the Victorian era; and the Twentieth Century and beyond
  • Over 90 historical images
  • In-depth biographies of each author
  • Instructional Design, including Reading and Review Questions

Image by Bittermuir from Pixabay

About the Editor

Bonnie J. (B.J.) Robinson, Ph.D., is the Director of the University of North Georgia Press and a professor of English at the University of North Georgia (UNG). She has published scholarly works on late Victorian literature and Creative Writing pedagogy and served on the editorial boards of Turn-of-the-Century Women, The Walter Pater Newsletter, and The William Morris Newsletter. Dr. Robinson has won several publishing grants, including a National Endowment for the Humanities digital start-up grant on digital publishing in the Humanities.


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