World Civilizations I and II Video Textbook

by Jayme FeaginBronson LongSteve BlankenshipJ. Sean Callahan

This video textbook started with the creation of 73 supplementary 10-20 minute video lectures for World Civilizations at Georgia Highlands College through a Round 10 Textbook Transformation Grant. A Round 14 Mini-Grant enabled the team to create guiding questions, key terms, transcript, and table of contents for each of the 73 videos, followed by a public website to share these newly-organized resources with students and faculty. A Round 18 Continuous Improvement Grant allowed them to a written textbook version for students preferring to read. A Continuous Improvement Grant in 2023 led to a new revision of the materials in LibGuides.

Topics include prehistory, the classical world system, trade and the old world system, revolutions, imperialism and hegemony, the 20th century, and new global systems in the 21st century.


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    University System of Georgia
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    Athens, GA