World Literature I

Beginnings to 1650

by Laura GettyKyounghye KwonRhonda KelleyDouglas Thomson

Since the dawn of language, humankind has exchanged stories, either though storytellers around a hearth or through scribes tirelessly copying various texts. This literature allows modern audience a window through which we can peer into the distant past. It provides vital clues for the interpretation of history, language, and culture. It is through literature that one may compare and gain a greater understanding of other civilizations.

This anthology comprises of three comprehensive collections that provide samples of literature from around the world and across the ages, ranging from some of oldest tales that have survived into modernity to works from the 1650s. These texts provide an opportunity for readers to engage in extensive analysis of the works themselves and the societies that influenced and were influenced by them.

This is a large literature anthology. To select a chapter in the Manifold version, scroll to the chapter links below this description.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Ancient World

Part 2: The Middle Ages

Part 3: The Renaissance


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