Walking and Jogging for Fitness, 2nd Edition

by Scott FlynnLisa JellumJonathan HowardAlthea MoserDavid MathisChristin CollinsSharryse HendersonConnie Watjen

This open textbook for Walking and Jogging for Fitness at Georgia Highlands College was created through a Round 7 ALG Textbook Transformation Grant and updated with a Round 14 Mini-Grant. Topics covered include the Benefits of Walking and Jogging for Exercise, Getting Started in a Walking and Jogging Program, Adaptations to Stress, Technique: The Art of Walking and Jogging, Nutrition and Energy Requirements, Injuries and Injury Prevention, and an Appendix on Flexibility.

The 2nd Edition now includes:

  1. Mini-lecture recordings to aid in focusing the efforts of students by offering an overview of the chapter content.

  2. PowerPoint slides for all chapters which align with the textbook to augment the content and increase the learning experience for students.

  3. Chapter terminology checklists to provide an informational foundation for content.

  4. Homework test questions for all chapters so that students can test their knowledge and identify content gaps.

  5. Recorded visual demonstrations for activity-based exercise Labs that can be accessed as many times as is necessary to increase the understanding of performance expectations, and serve as a clear reference point for students.


  • publisher
    University System of Georgia
  • publisher place
    Athens, GA