Student Success Workshop

by Tamara PowellJulie R NewellStephen BartlettSam LeeBrayden MilamLauren Snider

This workshop developed by Kennesaw State University's Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences Office of Digital Education is a self-paced training on research-based student success strategies for the classroom. The authoring team presented the training at the eLmL 2021 conference, won the best paper award, and and published an article on the research from this project in the International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems. The workshop and all support resources included are open for public use.

Instructions for the ScoreCenter prompt: The request for an identifier for authentication requires a name or other unique identifier so that when you complete the training, you can receive a certificate. It also allows you to start the training, leave it, and return to it later using the same identifier.


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    Kennesaw State University
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    Kennesaw, GA