Laboratory Manual for Introduction to Geology

by Bradley DelineKaren TefendRanda Harris
Contributor: Bonnie J. Robinson

Introduction to Geology is a textbook designed to ease new students into the often complex topics of Geology and the study of our planet and its makeup. The book assists readers through the beginning topics and nomenclature of Geology to familiarize them with Geology’s version of the scientific methods. Readers will learn the various uses of the scientific method in geological terms. These include the time tested steps of observation, measurement, testing, and creating a hypothesis and ultimately various theories about diverse Geological fields. Readers will encounter a comprehensive yet straightforward style and flow as they journey through this text. They will comprehend the various spheres of Geology and begin to master Geological outcomes which are derived from a growing knowledge of the tools and subjects which this text covers in great detail. This collaborative text is the result of the partnership between Affordable Learning Georgia and the University of North Georgia Press.