Principles of Chemistry I and II Ancillary Materials

University of West Georgia

by Logan LeslieFarooq KhanMartin McPhailSpencer Slattery

"This Set of Ancillary Materials for Principles of Chemistry I and II was created under an Affordable Materials Grant. We created several hundred questions with some for each chapter of the OpenStax textbook that we used. These problems were created to be used in our D2L system. We have included both multiple choice questions and algorithmic questions. When using algorithmic equations, we have provided an equation that would be appropriate for the correct answer allowing for computer generated randomness for quizzes.

These materials cover topics for both first and second semester general chemistry including: Atoms/molecules/ions, electronic properties of elements, chemical bonding/molecular geometry, composition of substances and solutions, stoichiometry, gases, thermochemistry, liquids/solids, solutions/colloids, equilibria including acid-based equilibria, electrochemistry, and kinetics.

All figures in questions were either generated by us or came from the OpenStax textbook."

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