Survey of Chemistry I Laboratory Manual 

University of North Georgia

by Lori WilsonIrene KokkalaMyles SedgwickAna RumbaoKaylee ToddTheresa Butori

This laboratory manual is designed to provide hands-on learning opportunities that correspond to the lecture component of the course. Aligned with the established chemistry curriculum, the Survey of Chemistry I Laboratory Manual is an integral component of the first semester in a two-part sequence, to provide students with a foundational understanding of the properties and transformations of matter which has direct applications to healthcare. Through a dynamic blend of activities and interactive digital media, students will delve into inorganic chemistry concepts, including nomenclature, reactions, molecular structures, and more.

With 11 laboratory experiments, the manual addresses critical course topics such as safety protocols, measurement techniques, density calculations, stoichiometry applications, thermochemistry, gas laws, and more. Each lab has embedded questions, serving as checkpoints for understanding and fostering critical thinking. Active participation in these labs will empower students to deepen their grasp of essential chemistry principles. The hands-on nature of the labs further nurtures practical problem-solving abilities, essential skills that will undoubtedly benefit students in their future allied health careers.

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